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  • What is different in this initiative?

    MTW initiative is different on the following aspects:

    1. Panel of mentors are all established leaders in their field
    2. All the mentors passionately believe in the cause of promoting more women to take up senior leadership roles in the industry
    3. The panel of mentors have ‘been there done that’ and hence will mentor based on their personal experience
    4. MTW is a platform to empower and enable WISE to follow their dream careers.
    5. MTW is not a platform for promoting people or business
    6. MTW is NOT a JOB portal and soliciting for jobs will be categorically discouraged
  • Why mentoring?

    Mentoring allows the mentees to get different perspective of their challenges and situation. It also provides access to consult professionals who have faced similar situations and have managed them successfully. The challenges could be around Identity Conflict, culture, tacit guilt of professional decisions taken in the past, conflict between decisions taken.
  • Who should sign up?

    Women Entrepreneurs, Women professionals aspiring for Senior leadership roles, women returning from sabbatical, women professionals contemplating on going on sabbatical.
  • How will I benefit?

    MTW initiative provides a platform to get advice on upskilling as well as handholding in the form of mentoring. It also provides a platform for networking with other WISE. The combination of these will enable women to pursue their dreams of a fulfilling career.
  • Why men mentors?

    Men mentors on the panel, strongly believe in the cause and will contribute in 3 ways, namely-

    1. They will be a source of inspiration for other men to understand the challenges and aspirations of professional WOMEN better.
    2. They will be catalysts in changing the stereotypical mind-sets of other men.
    3. During the course of mentoring, men mentors will be able to share perspectives of other men with the WISE
  • How can I contribute?

    You can share your success stories and how you overcame specific challenges successfully for other women to draw inspirations from. In addition, you can also refer other women who need guidance to join this initiative and benefit from it.
  • Confidentiality?

    All the information shared by the WISE will remain absolutely confidential unless the WISE herself wants the information to be shared with other WISE for the purpose of networking.
  • Will the mentors help find (better) jobs ?

    NO. This initiative is strictly meant for seeking guidance. Requesting mentors to refer the WISE for jobs is not in the scope of this initiative.